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Q & A

Q&A with Capt. Kimnach, Needham Theater, Port Hueneme, Aug16. 2023:

Q: At a previous Town Hall there was mention of possible transportation from Point Mugu to Adolfo Camarillo High School. Is this something that could possibly happen? Or could a connection to a public bus system be established since the closest bus stop is many miles away?
A: Oxnard Union High School District approved the new zones for school Year 2023-2024 and there will be transportation provided. [Copies of the high schools bus schedules handed out at Town Hall]. For School Year 2023-2024, Catalina Heights will have transportation provided for Adolfo Camarillo High School and Rio Mesa High School Point Mugu will have transportation provided for Adolfo Camarillo High School and Channel Islands High School, Ocean View Jr High and Laguna Vista STEAM Academy. Students ridding the school Bus will not need their dependent IDs to enter the installation since we provide passes for school bus drivers. For requests or issues regarding transportation, parents must address that directly with their school districts or school boards. They can contract our SLO, Edith Contreras, if they would like her to provide them with the appropriate contact information for their specific school district.
Q: I’ve complained numerous times about a family that has been sponsoring non-military people on base access for a few months. I’m concerned about the safety of our children and people being on base without permission.
A: The people in question had permission to be on base. They are child care workers sponsored by military members caring for military children during the summer break. It was verified that the people in question had 30-day base access registration.
Q: we have concerns about the new traffic pattern for Patterson Gate. We feel that it could be creating congestion and minor accidents, which I have been in one. Shouldn’t the signage change to indicate the left hand lane may proceed straight and the right hand lane may only travel straight onto base?  Or should NBVC police inbound traffic to ensure the workforce obeys the current signage? The city has direction markers indicating that you can turn right from the right lane or proceed straight from the right lane.
A: The city has direction markers indicating that you can turn right from the right lane or proceed straight from the right lane.  From the left lane you can only turn left, which they have posted signage for this. We take all questions about this matter seriously and we are working with city to access the complaint and address any safety concerns.
Q: Since Victoria gate has been closed, I haven't been able to leave out of the Paterson gate after work due to traffic congestion. It is taking too long for vehicles to exit; some are getting turned away. Can you leave the outbound gate open longer?
A: We have addressed the traffic light with the city, and they have increased the time which will allow more vehicles to exit. We have seen that this has provided a dramatic decrease in outbound traffic. Unfortunately we do not have the manpower to maintain sentries past their shift during non-emergencies. Please work with your command to have a plan when exiting gates.
Q: When will abandoned vehicles or vehicles not permitted in Catalina Heights be removed/towed?
A: LMH is discussing terms, signage, hours, etc. with a towing company from Ventura. Once the agreement is signed, this situation will improve.
Q: The tables/chairs located in the center area of the Subway, Gym, & NEX on Mugu are constantly being covered in trash & debris from the trees.
A: Our MWR team is working with our PW FMS to review and cover any possible gaps in maintenance, to include this shared space. Any gaps identified will be added to agreements. In the short term, we are submitting work request to address the immediate concerns and document anything outside of the scope of work for maintenance contractors.

Q: Can the residents or the base commands petition for a more intensive mosquito control then we’ve had in the past?
A:  Ms. Valerie Vartanian, the Natural Resource Manager and Integrated Pest Management Coordinator provided a detailed brief about our robust Mosquito Abatement Program during the May Town Hall. This program provides an aggressive, yet safe, control of mosquitos in Point Mugu neighborhoods. This program even utilizes drone technology to reach areas not accessible due to wet-land conditions and restrictions. However, because Point Mugu has the largest natural wet-land preserves in California, there will always be mosquitos. As presented during the May Town Hall, the best defense in and around homes is to eliminate standing water sources, to include plant pots and kitchens. If there is a larger problem, LMH can submit a Maximo work order to target specific areas.

Town Hall, Catalina Heights Youth Center, Camarillo, May 17:
No Questions Submitted

Town Hall, FFSC, Point Mugu, Feb 15:
No Question Submitted

Q&A with Capt. Kimnach, Needham Theater, Port Hueneme, Nov. 2022:

Q: There are rumors that Midway estates will be rented to civilians. Is this true?
A: No. We have a working group discussing and exploring a few possible courses of action (COAs) for the Midway Estates. COAs include using some as child care space, UH space, commercial partner, PPV/LMH, NGIS and Navy Lodge, Recreational Lodging, etc. 

Q: Would it be possible to request that housing keep the backyards of the unoccupied homes maintained at an acceptable level?
A: Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) is conducting weekly check-ins on unoccupied homes in attempt to find issues such as this. Should their inspections not address this issue please inform LMH of the location; keeping in mind some areas can grow rapidly. 
Q: Will Liberty be implementing the RECP at the beginning of next year or will they be giving people ample notice (like a few months’ notice) that it will restart?
A: Notice will be given by LMH prior to implementation. Once RECP is reinstated, upon request with LMH, they can do an electric use audit.

Q: Will more units receive air conditioning?
A: There are renovated homes with A/C that we will be back online within the next 30 days. There are about 60-70 homes between Mugu and Hueneme, and if you are interested in transferring to one of these homes you can work through that process with LMH. The resident has to qualify for the home, be in good standing, and a review of the condition of the home they are currently in will be done by LMH prior to approval of a transfer.      

Q: Does liberty military housing plan to uniform the outside look of the housing units in Bruns Park? It appears that they start projects and don’t finish for every house in the community.
A: LMH is completing this work in phases. They have budgeted each year to complete the jobs on the homes that need it most first; the plan is to get them all done. 

Q: We feel like we have too many coyotes, are we going to do something about that?
A: As drought continues in California, coyotes are seen more regularly in various communities during the day foraging to try to find resources.  Recent observations may be of our normal population, just seen out during the day more frequently as they are trying to find food resources. The Navy is currently putting together a contract to trap any coyotes that become a threat to human safety.  Coyote conflicts with people are extremely rare and NBVC has not ever had a negative human-coyote interaction.  The best thing residents can do is to not leave pet food outdoors and keep your pets indoors at night.  Ventura County Animal Control also recommends hazing (yelling, throwing rocks, chasing) coyotes, so they do not get too comfortable around people.  

Q: What is there to do for lifestyle on Point Mugu?
A: The SurfNet at Point Mugu, Bldg. 20, is open Mon-Sun 11am-8pm; Holidays 11am-5pm. The SurfNet has high-speed internet, gaming systems and games, TV lounge, ping pong, billiards, and a small movie theater with a movie library to choose from. We are also in the design phase for Bldg. 20 to expand the services available; the design includes changing the Galley into food service for both military and civilians, adding a bar, adding a small bowling alley, and adding recreation space and classrooms; currently at 70% design phase.

In addition to the project planning going on at Bldg. 20, Bldg. 74 near Mugu Family Beach is open Mon-Sun 10am-6pm and has recreation space in the facility as well as access to gear rental for use on and off installation, including Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Bikes, grills, etc. If you would like to be included on our email distro list to receive information on all of the other Fitness events, Recreation events, Trips, Tours, and other special events send an email our Marketing Director.    

Q: Can we work on preventing speeders on base?
A: Force protection continues to monitor known and random areas while establishing additional patrols. Please continue to report speeding violations and when possible. 

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