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Privacy Act Information

Privacy Act Officials

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Naval Postgraduate School Contact: JAG Office
Head Privacy Act/FOIA Branch
Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (N09B30)
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20350-2000
Phone (202) 685-6545/ Fax (202) 685-6580

Controlling Directives

• SECNAVINST 5211.5D, Department of the Navy Privacy Act Program
• OPNAVNOTE 5211, Navy Privacy Act (PA) System of Record Notices
• OPNAVNOTE 5211, Defense Privacy Board of Advisory Opinions


The Privacy Act of 1973 permits agencies to collect and maintain information on U.S. citizens and legally admitted aliens. Within the Navy, we are permitted to collect and maintain information on individuals affiliated with the Navy (i.e., Navy civilian employees, military members, family members, contract workers, ect). The information we collect and maintain fall under one of the 179 Privacy Act systems. A list of the approved systems are contained in OPNAVNOTE 5211, navy Privacy Act (PA) System of Record Notices.

Privacy Act Statements:
* If you are collecting personal information directly from an individual about him/herself, you must provide a Privacy Act Statement (PAS) that lists the authority and purpose for collecting the information; who will use and have access to the information; and, whether or not providing the information is voluntary or mandatory. In most instances, providing the information is voluntary.

Access to Privacy Act Files:
* Access to information contained in a PAS is limited to officials within the agency (for this purpose agency refers to Department of Defense) with a need to know in their official capacity and to those officials listed in the routine use paragraph of the systems notices.

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