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NBVC has access points for both Port Hueneme (PH) and Point Mugu (PM). The main Knott Gate (PH) and Las Posas/Gate 3 (PM) POV are both open 24 hours. Pleasant Valley Rd (PH) and Mugu Rd./Gate 2 (PM) are both open 0600-1700, M-F. Victoria POV Gate (PH) is also open M-F, 0600-1700. Both Victoria (PH) and Las Posas/Gate 3 (PM) Commercial Gates are open weekdays from 0700-1430, except on holidays. Main Rd/Gate 1 (PM), along with Goodspeed (PH) and Bard Gate (PH) are currently closed until further notice.


-Las Posas/Gate 3: 24/7
-Mugu Rd./Gate 2: 0600-1700, M-F
-Main Rd./Gate 1: Closed

Point Mugu Visitor Pass and Welcome Center is located next to the Archive Center at 116 Mugu Road, Point Mugu, CA 93042, (805) 989-8146, DSN 312-351-8146.


-Knott Gate: 24/7
-Victoria Gate: 0600-1700, M-F
-Pleasant Valley Rd Gate: 0600-1700, M-F
-Bard Gate: Closed
-Goodspeed Gate: Closed

Port Hueneme Visitor Pass and Welcome Center is located next to Knott Gate and the Seabee Museum at 1000 23rd Avenue Building 1169, Port Hueneme, CA 93042, (805) 982-5037, DSN 312-551-5037.

**Updated gate changes are posted to the NBVC Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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