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Noise Abatement

Aircraft noise is a major public relations challenge at NBC. Both local civilian airports and military airfields must abide by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rules, but while the civilian airports must also adhere to local government ordinances, military airfields do not due to being a federal entity. This difference prevents state governments from regulating or restricting our military’s functionality and capabilities in order to allow our military to maintain its operational readiness. However, NBC makes additional efforts to mitigate our impact on the surrounding communities through Noise Abatement Procedures put in place by the Commanding Officer.

Each pilot must personally attempt to reduce noise pollution by complying with noise abatement procedures and flying their aircraft in such a manner to keep noise to a minimum. 


Time of Day Restrictions

The standard noise abatement hours for NBC are as follows: 















Holidays – Noise abatement Procedures are in place during all hours during holidays when the airport is open.


Aircraft shall use appropriate aircraft configuration, power settings, and airspeeds for low noise profiles. Additionally, the following restrictions are put in place during noise abatement hours: 

  • Land Runway 36 and Depart Runway 18
  • Full stop landings only
  • Practice approaches not authorized
  • Section approaches are not authorized (unless in emergency situations)
  • Visual landing approach (weather permitting)

Altitude Restrictions 

Aircraft flying VFR may not exceed 2,500’ minimum above the following communities: 

  • City of Coronado – East of airport
  • Point Loma – Landmass west of airport
  • Coronado Cays – Marina 6.5 NM Southeast of airport on Silver Strand
  • Coronado Shores Condo and Hotel Del Coronado buildings – 2.3 to 3 NM on runway 29 final approach course.

All helicopters shall remain one mile off-shore when transiting the Coronado Beach shoreline.

NOLF IB is located in a heavily populated area and is also subject to similar noise abatement policies. Most notably are the following: 

  • Aircraft are not permitted to fly below 1000’ above ground level while directly over the city of Imperial Beach.

  • All runway departures shall cross the beach houses at or above 800’. If unable, depart southbound and then maintain ¼ NM distance from the beach houses. 


Exceptions to Noise Abatement Procedures can be made under Air Traffic Controller instructions, safety of flight, or during war-time. 

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