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Gifts of Travel

Federal government employees may be able to accept gifts of transportation, lodging, meals, and other incidental expenses from a non-Federal entity to attend meetings or other appropriate events in connection with their federal employment. All gifts of travel must be approved by the President, Naval Postgraduate School (for NPS employees) PRIOR TO commencing travel. Application for acceptance of travel funds is made on the form entitled “Gifts of Travel from Non-Federal Sources”. Payments for travel expenses may be made in kind or if by check, must be made payable to the “U.S. Treasury”. It is preferable that applications be received at least two weeks prior to commencement of the employee’s travel. Once the travel is completed, the employee should submit the same form with the actual expenses that were incurred and paid by the non-Federal entity.

You may obtain more information from the Office of Government Ethics’ publication entitled “Gifts of Travel and Other Benefits” and "And Gifts of Travel SOP".

Additionally, the Office of Government Ethics’ website offers a substantial amount of information on this topic as well as other ethics issues that confront a federal employee. Visit the OGE website.

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