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Detachment Fallbrook Environmental Cleanup

Overall Program Status


Status Sites %
Active IRP 6 32%
Active MMRP 8 42%
Work Complete 5 26%


The Installation Restoration Program (IRP) at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach Detachment Fallbrook began with a 1990 Preliminary Assessment addendum to the 1983 Seal Beach PA study in which 12 sites of potential contamination were identified. In the ensuing years three sites dedicated to the storage of napalm have had cleanup actions completed, two sites were investigated and found to have no significant contamination, one site was added, and two sites were transferred to the Military Munitions Response Program (MRP). The remaining six sites, most of which are ranked as low risk, are scheduled for further study and (if necessary) cleanup in the coming years. A MRP Preliminary Assessment was completed in 2006. This report recommended seven sites for further study.  One additional site was added in 2016. 

Public Documents
Public Documents can be found on the Naval Facilities Engineering Command's Fallbrook Administrative Record File.

Individual Site Status

Name Description Status
Site 27 Eucalyptus Grove Landfill Proposed Plan / Record of Decision
Site 30 Oil Switch Spill Site Inspection
Site 31 Battery Shop Disposal Areas Site Inspection
Site 32 Paint Shop Disposal Areas Extended Site Inspection
Site 34 Dunnage Disposal Areas Remedial Investigation
Site 53 Diesel Fuel Station Site Assessment
UXO 1 QE Range Remedial Investigation
UXO 2  Small Arms Range Remedial Investigation
UXO 3 Dunnage Disposal Area 1 Remedial Investigation
UXO 4 Dunnage Disposal Area 3 Remedial Investigation
UXO 5 Salvage Yard Burial Area Remedial Investigation
UXO 6 Depot Lake Disposal Site Site Inspection
UXO 7  Lower Lake Disposal Site  Site Inspection
UXO 8 Gully with Munitions Site Inspection Pending 
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