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Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest

SF 450 Confidential Financial Disclosure Report

5 USC, App 6, 107(Applicable to both military and civilian personnel). DoN civilian personnel classified at or below GS/GM-15 or a comparable pay level; and DoN military personnel below the rank of 0-7, when their official responsibilities require them to exercise judgment in making government decisions or in taking government actions regarding contracting or procurement, regulation or audit of private or nonfederal enterprises, or other activities in which the final decision or action may economically affect the interests of any nonfederal activity. (Contracting, procurement, and auditor personnel include, among others, persons who, as part of their basic duties, sign, negotiate, recommend, or approve contracts, or other procurements; and those who, as part of their basic duties, are engaged in auditing activities or participating in the development of policies and procedures for performing audits.) NAVPGSCOLINST 5370.4A

SF 278 Financial Disclosure Report

5 USC App 6. 101 and 102 (Applicable to civilian personnel)

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