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For assistance, comments or questions, please feel free to contact our safety office located at building 678, room 227.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 0630 - 1600 

Safety Manager 619-545-1049
Safety Specialist 619-545-1052
Safety Specialist 619-545-2492
Safety Specialist 619-767-7546
Safety Specialist 619-545-8162
Safety Specialist 619-545-1055
Safety Specialist 619-545-4198
Fax 619-545-1053

Commander Navy Region Southwest Safety

To provide Occupational Safety & Health(OSH) Program services to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for all personnel by controlling workplace hazards, preventing fatalities, injuries, illnesses, and property damage.

NAVOSH (Navy Occupational Safety & Health)
Services include inspections, evaluations, surveys, instructions, mishap prevention and investigation, education & training, compliance standards and standards interpretation. Occupational Safety and Health program services support NAVOSH programs, which include asbestos control, blood-borne pathogens, confined space entry, councils/committees, energy control, fall protection, hazard abatement, hazardous material control & management, reproductive hazards, personal protective equipment, radiation(non-ionizing & ionizing), respiratory protection, occupational health, sight/hearing conservation, training, and material & weight handling equipment.

RODS (Recreation and Off-Duty) Safety
Services provided in support of the Recreation and Off-Duty Safety program includes inspections, evaluations, surveys, education and training, instructions, and mishap prevention & investigations.

The safety department provides support to reduce injuries and fatalities of Sailors, Navy civilians, dependents and other DOD service members due to motor vehicle crashes. Traffic safety training courses include the 10-day Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider coach trainer preparation course; 2-day MSF basic rider course; 1-day driver improvement course; 1-day MSF experienced rider course; 1-day MSF military sport-bike rider course; ATV rider course; and train-the-trainer workshops for MSF, National Safety Council, and American Automobile Association classes to Navy volunteer instructors.

Radiation Safety Program includes support for both ionizing & non-ionizing radiation to prevent overexposure to personnel, public, property damage, environmental contamination, ignition of fuel vapors, and initiation ordnance and electromagnetic interference. Services include coordination of training, inventory management, recordkeeping, inspections, hazard evaluation and abatement, program compliance, and exposure control.

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