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Is there a process in place to allow employees entering the base to alert the gate guards to a security breach or a situation which places base security or the driver's security in danger?
Personnel entering the base who observe a safety or security concern should contact the China Lake Police Department as quickly as possible. If it is just for informational purposes, please call the CLPD Dispatch at (760) 939-3323. If there is an immediate danger, please dial 911 on a base phone or call (760) 939-3323 on a cell phone and say it is an agency. CLPD officers will respond to check out the information received or respond immediately, depending upon the nature of the call.

Can DOD Federal civilian employees purchase gasoline for their vehicles at the gas station on base?
Yes, DOD civilians are now authorized to purchase gas on base. 

Why do cars and people stop on Knox and Blandy every morning at 8:00 a.m.?
These cars and people are stopping for morning Colors. Morning Colors are presented each day at 0800 in front of the Administration Building and in front of the Marine Aviation Detachment. When you hear the National Anthem or see the American flag being raised each day, it is customary out of respect for the flag and those who serve to protect our freedom, to stop what you are doing, place your right hand on your heart, face in the direction of the flag and stand still until the National Anthem is finished. If you are driving, stop your car until the music ends. Evening Colors, when the flag is retired for the day, are done each evening at sunset. Again, it is customary to stop what you are doing, and stand still or stop driving until the flag is removed from the flag pole.

Does NAWS have a recycling program?
NAWS China Lake does have a recycling program. There are recycling bins throughout office spaces. A variety of articles are accepted including newspaper, paper, magazines, cardboard, books, aluminum, cans, glass, and certain plastics. If something is too bulky for the containers, you can always call (760) 939-2522. Being "green" is a Navy goal that China Lake supports.

Additional questions can be submitted to the NAWS Public Affairs Office.

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