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The employees of NAWS China Lake are its most important asset, making their safety the Command’s highest priority. This is evident in the many messages and programs that NAWS Command implements to remind employees of the importance of safety whether at work, on the road or at home.

Annual campaigns that cover motorcycle safety, fireworks and grilling safety, safe traveling and prevention of heat-related illnesses, to name a few, are conducted in addition to reminders about safety in the workplace. Signs advertising year-to-date workplace accidents on base appear at heavily trafficked areas as do safety articles in the base newspaper, the Rocketeer II, providing a constant reminder that working safely is paramount.

Educating employees about safety in and out of the workplace using multiple channels for delivery has helped to increase employee awareness about work, travel and home accidents.

In case of mishap: STOP

  • Send injured to Branch Health Clinic (with Dispensary permit).
  • Telephone the Safety Office at 939-STOP (7867) to report mishap.
  • Obtain the facts about the mishap.
  • Participate actively with Safety, Medical and the injured.

Contact Information

Contact           Phone Number
Safety and Occupational Health Division             (760) 939-2315
Mishap Reporting             (760) 939-STOP (7867)
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