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NAS Lemoore Menu


Force Protection

Mission Statement
The objective of the Security Detachment at NAS Lemoore is to provide the capability to expand in a timely and coordinated manner. Increasing its Force Protection posture into selected Force Conditions and/or contingency postures to prevent and/or limit the operational capability of the threat.

NASL Security Department is tasked with providing security to 16 F-18 strike fighter squadrons along with 33,550 working and living personnel. NASL Security Department also participates in a wide range of military programs; Crime Prevention, I-dent-a-kid, Child Development Home “Safe House” and Military Working Dogs demonstrations as well as local community programs; Relay for Life, Lemoore High School Sober Grad Night, National Night Out and Toys for Tots.

New Check-ins
Welcome to Naval Air Station Lemoore Security Detachment. We look forward to having you onboard. Please email us at for further sponsor information. Once you enter the main gate at NAS Lemoore, inform the patrolman that you are checking into Security and proceed to either the BOQ front desk building (for single sailors) or the Navy Lodge (for married sailors with families). Ask for a map of the base and have them identify the Security building (Bldg. 782). Contact the Watch Commander at 559-998-4776 once you have settled for further information on when to report to the Security building. The uniform for checking into the command will be seasonal dress uniform.

Organizational Chart


  • Hours of operation 0800-1600
  • Site Manager 559-998-4811
  • Admin 559-998-2688
  • The Admin Department is responsible for all correspondence in and out of the department. All new check-in/check out personnel will report to Admin. Local record checks can be faxed to the Admin Department for processing.
  • Watch Commanders
  • 559-998-4776
  • ATO


  • Non-emergency lines 559-998-4749 or 559-998-4750
  • ASF Coordinator 559-998-1930
  • Training Department 559-998-1930
  • Desk Sergeant 559-998-4743
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