Total Force Manpower

Total Force (TF) manpower management is the methodical process of determining, validating, and using manpower requirements to inform budget decisions; prioritizing manpower authorizations based on available funding and personnel executability; and translating authorizations into a demand
signal for personnel, training and education processes. In understanding TF Manpower Management, it is important to highlight

  • Fiscal constraints can restrict the Navy from authorizing (buying) all of the validated Total Force requirements.
  • Resource Sponsors and Enterprises/Enablers must choose the amount of mission/workload to fund while maximizing their value stream within fiscal constraints.
  • Enterprises/Enablers and Budget Submitting Offices (BSOs) must specify which Total Force requirements they would like to authorize (fund) by skill and pay grade, occupational series, career group, and pay band.
  • CNO (N1) must adjudicate authorization requests accounting for the health and executability of Navy communities.

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