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Navy policy is to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all personnel.  The Commanding Officer of Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake is fully committed to supporting the Navy’s safety policies and procedures and expects the same commitment from all who work aboard this Station regardless of which tenant or Command you may be aligned.

Safety does not occur by chance. It is a result of careful attention by every manager, supervisor and employee working aboard the NAWS. It is the responsibility of every employee to use safe work practices and take an active role in the prevention of mishaps. Mishaps result in pain and suffering, financial loss and mission delay. NAWS personnel must practice risk management in all they do. For operations or tasks that are hazardous in nature or where the level of risk is unknown, the use of Operational Risk Management is expected. Operational Risk Management is an emphasis program in the Navy and is to be fully implemented at China Lake.

Commanders throughout this installation continue to support the “No Vote”. There is no job or operation that is so mission critical or time sensitive that it warrants circumventing established safety controls. Exercising your “No Vote” for operations you feel are immediately dangerous to life and health will be supported.

To be effective, safety cannot stand alone but must be fully integrated into the work we do everyday. Everyone at NAWS China Lake has a job to do for the Navy – a mission. NAWS Command expects safety to be an integral part of every task, operation, and decision made aboard this Station.

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