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Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Navy EOD forces are comprised of highly trained, skilled technicians who are experts in explosives, diving, and parachuting. EOD technicians share the task of rendering safe and disposing of explosive material. They are trained and equipped to deal with explosive threats ranging from home-made explosives and unexploded sub munitions to improvised weapons of mass destruction. Navy EOD forces operate wherever these threats are located and present an obstacle to naval and joint operations. They conduct their mission in a multitude of tactical environments - on the battlefield, in minefields, underwater, on land, in urban settings, and on board ships, to name but a few Navy EOD forces also routinely work with the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. State Department, helping to protect the President, Vice President and other state and foreign officials and dignitaries. They support the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs Office, and the FBI as well as state and local police bomb squads. EOD technicians also assist in security at large international events, such as the Olympics or world summits. They accomplish this by performing key tasks that include initial detection of explosive hazards, intelligence exploitation, neutralization and disposal.

EODMU3 Detachment

In addition to general mobile unit duties, the EODMU3 detachment provides test support for Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division and explosive hazardous waste treatments at NAWS China Lake, as well as emergency response for incidents on and off station.

Inquiries about EODMU3 Det. should be directed to the NAWCWD Public Affairs Office at (760) 939-3511.

EODTEUONE Detachment

The EODTEUONE Detachment maintains the EOD Advanced Training Facility at China Lake for pre-deployment training of EOD teams. 

Inquiries about EODTEUONE Det. should be directed to the NAWS Public Affairs Office, (760) 939-1683.


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