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Military Participation

As part of the Ridgecrest and surrounding area communities, military stationed at NAWS China Lake take part in a number of community and school events throughout the year. To request military participation at your event, please contact the NAWS  Public Affairs Office, or call (760) 939-1683.

Color/Honor Guard
The NAWS China Lake Color/Honor Guard is typically comprised of two flag bearers and two rifle carriers. The flag bearers are flanked by the rifle bearers with one carrying the United States national flag and the other carrying the flag of the United States Navy. Additionally, based on the event or request, a Navy-Marine color guard can be used and will include one Navy and one Marine rifle bearer, the national flag, the U.S. Navy flag and the Marine Corps. flag.

The color guard renders honors when the national anthem is played or sung, when passing in review during a parade, or in certain other circumstances. In these cases, the departmental flags salute by dipping (leaning the flag forward). However, with the exception of a response to a naval salute, the United States national flag renders no salute.

To request the NAWS China Lake Color/Honor Guard for your event, please contact the NAWS Public Affairs Office at least 30 days prior to the event.

Military Speakers or Appearances
To request a member of the military, including the installation Chaplain, to participate at an event, please provide NAWS Public Affairs Office with the following information:

  • Name of requesting organization
  • Name and type of event
  • Date of event
  • Location of event
  • Purpose for military participation, e.g. make an appearance, speech, presentation, religious support, etc.
  • Type of audience and their interests (if known)
  • Other speakers (Who, how many, the topics they're covering)
  • The particular military member your organization has in mind. NAWS Public Affairs Office will make every effort to secure who you request, but operational requirements and busy schedules may prevent it. Please let us know if you have a secondary person in mind or if you don't mind letting us choose someone for you.
  • Will the media be present?
  • Do you need a biography for the speaker?


Military Aerial Support
Military aerial support includes flyovers, static displays, single aircraft demonstration and other types of demonstration.

In accordance with DD FORM 2535, REQUEST FOR MILITARY AERIAL SUPPORT (page 4, paragraph 4), NAWS China Lake and its tenant commands are unable to fulfill requests for event flyovers unless there is an aviation or military connection to the event. The form states, “Requests for flyovers will be considered only for aviation-oriented events (i.e., air shows, airport anniversaries or dedication events), or for patriotic observances (one day only) held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day, or Veterans Day (event must be within seven days of the actual holiday date to be considered).”

Please fill out DD FORM 2535, REQUEST FOR MILITARY AERIAL SUPPORT and submit it to the necessary agencies in the order required. Submission must be between 30 and 90 days prior to the event depending on the type of request.

For flyovers and other aircraft aerial demonstrations, the Flight Standards District Office for our area is the Van Nuys FSDO.

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