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Location: NASNI Bldg. 665
Phone: (619) 545-8213

Services:    Day of Week Time
Catholic Monday - Friday 1130
Catholic Saturday 1700
Catholic Sunday 0900
Protestant Sunday 1100


Location: NAB Coronado
Phone: (619) 437-2070

Services: Day of Week Time
Catholic  Monday - Friiday  
Catholic Saturday  
Catholic Sunday 1100
Protestant Sunday 0900

PREP is a conference for engaged or newly married couples. It focuses on effective communication, successful financial management, conflict management, and other aspects of marriage.

Do you want to find our why your significant other is the way they are? Why do they do things differently than you do? Why does it bother her that you leave the toilet seat up? Why does it bother him that you like your house so clean? Why he is so good around people and why she is so shy?

Learn about your mate’s family background, about their personal likes and dislikes, their personality, their definition of family and love. Learning about one another will help you better understand and love each other.

Classes are held 1st Thursday of the month at MCAS Miramar. Please call 858-577-1333 to sign up over the phone

Request Chaplain Services:

Number Of Years In Service  
Invocation YES NO Benediction YES NO
Chaplain's Uniform

(Please Circle One)

Service Dress Blues       Working Blues

Service Dress Whites     Full Dress Whites

Summer Whites               Khakies

Ribbons                             Civies

Combination Cover         Medals

Command POC   Phone  
Family Members to Attend (If Childres, Ages)  

Religious Facilities Usage Application

Eligible Person Active Duty Reserve Retired Dependent
Name   Rank  
Branch of Service   Military Unit  
If family member, relationship to military sponsor  
Full Mailing Address  
Phone (Home)   Phone (Work)  
NBC Coordinating Official  
Type of event or ceremony      
Event Location Chapel Patio Area Conference Room
Officiating clergy Civilian Military Chaplain  
Name   Telephone
If Civilian, name of Church or Synagogue  
If Military Chaplain, name of Command  
Date of Ceremony Time Date of rehearsal Time
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