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NBVC’s staff is responsible for providing support for approximately 6,500 active-duty military, 5,150 DOD civilians and 2,500 Ready Reservists; and manages 19,475 acres of land at Port Hueneme, Point Mugu and San Nicolas Island. It supports more than 80 different military commands, as well as nearly 20,000 students who graduate each year from the five technical training schools located at Port Hueneme.

 With an annual economic impact of approximately $2 billion, NBVC is the largest employer in Ventura County. Support agencies at Naval Base Ventura County include the following:

Air Operations

Air Operations at Point Mugu delivers first-class air traffic control, air terminal, field facilities and ground electronic service to support its customers.

The Air Traffic Control facility at NBVC is the most complex operation of its type in the Navy. The facility has jurisdiction of more than 3,000 miles of airspace from the surface to 8,000 feet and works closely with the Sea Test Range and the Federal Aviation Administration. It annually controls more than 150,000 military and civilian flight operations.

The Air Terminal provides passenger, cargo and transient line aircraft services, annually handling more than 4.7 million pounds of cargo and 42,000 passengers while servicing 4,000 aircraft.

Field Support maintains and repairs the E-28 arresting gear for aircraft emergencies. It also maintains the optical landing system used by pilots for Field Carrier Landing Practice.

Ground Electronics Maintenance maintains and repairs NBVC’s navigation, radar, weather and communications equipment which is vital to the safety of our aviators flying at NBVC and in the National Airspace System.

Command Career Counselor Office

The primary goal of the Command Career Counselor’s office is to ensure every Sailor, both active and reserve, is provided with quality career information, in a timely manner, in order to make sound career decisions. A staff of fully trained collateral duty career counselors is under the Command Career Counselor’s cognizance. Each department on board Naval Base Ventura County has one or more counselors designated to assist in career issues for that department.

Career Counselors also serve as Transition Assistance Program managers and provide counseling on veterans’ benefits and relocation programs. Professional growth and retention for all of our qualified men and women is our No. 1 priority. Call 805-989-7181 or 805-989-8728 for more information. 

Emergency Management

Emergency Management develops, coordinates and leads the installation emergency management program, enabling effective preparation for, and efficient response to, emergencies and disasters to save lives, reduce human suffering, reduce property loss and facilitate overall NBVC mission accomplishment.

Tenant commands are responsible for designating an Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC). The EMC is the command representative to the NBVC Emergency Management officer. Each tenant command is also responsible for preparing a Self-Help Emergency Response Plan. The Emergency Management Office is located at Point Mugu in Building 1, Room 102, at 311 Main Road. Call 805-989-9696 or DSN 351-9696. 

Environmental Division

The Environmental Division manages a successful environmental program that balances stewardship of its extensive natural and cultural resources with the critical mission as a major aviation shore command and Naval Construction Force mobilization base. The strategic goal of the NBVC Environmental Division to provide environmental services that enhance mission readiness and are protective of the environment by: 1-coordinating and minimizing environmental constraints to military mission; 2-ensuring compliance with environmental regulatory requirements; 3-providing sound stewardship of natural and cultural resources; and 4-working closely with the local community.

Fire Department

The Fire Department is a full-service organization whose primary mission is to “Protect those that Defend America.” Services provided include structural, shipboard and aircraft firefighting capabilities, emergency medical services (EMS) and transport, hazardous materials response, WMD/CBRNE, confined-space rescue, vehicle rescue and wildland firefighting response. Other services provided include facility fire inspections, fire safety education and training, CPR training, hot work permits, facility design and code compliance and other public education programs.

NBVC Fire maintains a very strong relationship with the outside communities and routinely provides critical automatic aid/mutual aid to these communities approximately 250 times a year. More than 1,700 requests for emergency assistance are answered each year both on and off base.

The Fire Department extends a friendly welcome to everyone! If you would like to tour one of our fire stations or climb in one of the “BIG RED” trucks, just call one of the fire stations to arrange a personal tour.

Force Protection

Force Protection is headquartered in Building 1443, Port Hueneme. A precinct is located at Point Mugu in Building 613. Dial 911 for emergency police, fire and ambulance services.

In addition to providing force protection for all personnel and assets at NBVC, Force Protection enforces laws, regulations and requirements for obtaining vehicle decals, passes and badges; weapons registration; and temporary vehicle storage for deploying personnel. The Lost and Found Program is also managed at the headquarters site.

Food Service

Sailors stationed here have an opportunity to eat at the best ashore galleys in the Navy. The Point Mugu Galley has received a five-star accreditation 11 years straight for food service excellence, and the Port Hueneme Galley has received 10 consecutive five-star accreditations as well as the Capt. Edward F. Ney Award for the best ashore galley for 2011. The NBVC Port Hueneme Galley is located on 32nd Street between CPO Barracks, Building 1181, and Enlisted Barracks, Building 1182. The NBVC Point Mugu Galley is located off Mugu Road near the Missile Inn and barracks. You may call the Port Hueneme Galley at 805-982-4739 or Point Mugu Galley at 805-989-8650.

Inspector General Office

The Inspector General Office (IG) conducts investigations into allegations of fraud, waste and mismanagement; maintains the NBVC hotline; conducts command evaluations into programs and functions to ensure compliance with regulations; and assists individuals with questions, concerns and complaints that involve NBVC.

Port Operations

Port Operations, located at Port Hueneme, directly contributes to the current and future readiness of the fleet by providing port security, berthing and hotel services, port logistics, port operations center, tug and small craft services, and oil spill response and recovery. It has complete control of all vessels entering and exiting the harbor and all internal movements. Oil spill response is our second and most important mission, after port security. Port Operations staff is First Responder-qualified, capable of containing any on-water hazmat spill in 60 minutes or less.

Public Affairs

The Naval Base Ventura County Public Affairs Office handles media relations, Web communications, social media, community relations, and internal and external communications venues and outlets for the base. The staff serves as base spokespersons to the civilian news media and provides advice, counsel and services related to the same for their command and the tenant commands at the Point Mugu and Port Hueneme sites. In addition, the NBVC Public Affairs Office also produces the biweekly base newspaper, The Lighthouse. The NBVC Public Affairs Office is located in Building 1 at Point Mugu. The Public Affairs officer can be contacted at 805-989-9234.


The Public Works Department is the one-stop shop for NBVC activities and tenant commands to receive facilities engineering and acquisition support that result in a safe and fully functional living and working environment. It provides diverse facilities maintenance, acquisition, transportation, utilities, housing, engineering, environmental and life cycle management services. On Point Mugu, call 805-989-8888; at Port Hueneme, call 805-982-2222.


Naval Base Ventura County has a strong commitment toward recycling. Both Point Mugu and Port Hueneme have a Recycling Office as well as fully operational recycling centers. The NBVC Recycling Office and recycling centers can readily provide support to any command/department or individual needing to begin a new recycling program or expand an existing program by providing recycling information, equipment and recyclable material pickup service. Any recycling needs related to base housing should be directed to the Public Works Department.

The recycling centers at both Port Hueneme and at Point Mugu are open 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, for recyclable material drop-off. The Port Hueneme recycling center is located at the corner of Patterson Road and 23rd Avenue in Building 345. The Point Mugu recycling center is located at Building 354 between 11th Street and Support Road.

For information, contact the solid waste coordinator at 805-989-9899. You may also call, make a pickup request or leave a voice message at 805-982-1929.

The list of recyclable items available for pickup through the NBVC Recycling Office is extensive and includes:
Paper (all types; shredded paper must be placed in plastic trash bag).
Scrap metal steel, iron, ferrous metals); excluding demilitarization or DLA material.
Electric wire (copper type).
Expended brass casings do not require demilitarization-up to 50 caliber.
Wood pallets (reusable).
Aluminum cans and plastic.
Plastic bottles/containers (No. 1 and No. 2 type).
Glass bottles.
Cardboard boxes (must be broken down and flattened).

Religious Ministries

Your chaplains, Religious Program Specialists RPs), civilian staff and volunteers of the Command Ministry Team welcome you to an exciting tour of duty here at Naval Base Ventura County!

We have two chapel communities that can provide you with rich opportunities for religious worship, education and community involvement. The Chapel of Faith at Point Mugu is located at 311 Main Road Building 121). At Port Hueneme, the “Seabee Chapel” provides an inviting setting for worship.

Roman Catholic Mass and Protestant worship services are celebrated each weekend at both chapels. Other worship, religious education and fellowship activities for children, youth and adults are offered throughout the week. Other faith groups may also use the chapel facilities for their special worship or religious activities.

For detailed information on chaplain services, schedule of worship and other activities, or to inquire about space availability, please call the chapel offices: Chapel of Faith, Point Mugu, 805-989-7967/9; and Seabee Chapel, Port Hueneme, 805-982-4358, during normal working hours. For after-hours needs and emergencies, please contact the NBVC Quarterdeck at 805-989-7209. 

Safety Programs

The Safety Office implements and coordinates a comprehensive safety program for all military members, family members, civilian employees and visitors on base. Services offered include but are not limited to:

Unsafe/Unhealthful Working Conditions — Identifying and reporting potentially unsafe or unhealthful working conditions is the responsibility of all Navy employees, both military and civilian. The employee has the right to decline a task because of a reasonable belief that there is an imminent risk of death and insufficient time for normal hazard reporting and abatement actions. Detecting unsafe or unhealthful working conditions at the earliest possible time and making prompt corrections of these hazards at the lowest possible working level are essential elements of the safety program

AAA Driver Improvement Course — All military and DOD civilian personnel who operate a GMV as their primary duty, or who operate a GMV more than eight hours a week as part of their incidental duties will attend the AAA Driver Improvement Course prior to assignment.

Motorcycle Safety Course — All motorcycle operators must attend a Navy-approved Motorcycle Safety Course before operating a motorcycle on base.

Off-Road Vehicle Safety Courses — Before operating dirt bikes or all-terrain vehicles on base, all military and DOD civilians must attend a Navy-approved Off-Road Vehicle Safety Course.

For more information, contact 

Security Management Office SMO

The Security Management Office is responsible for the management of Personnel, Information and Industrial Security programs. The office is located at Point Mugu, Building 1, Room 130. Office hours are 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. The office is closed on federal holidays.

Two major responsibilities of the Security Management Office are coordinating visits by foreign nationals and providing fingerprinting services for Navy security or background investigations.

Fingerprinting Services are available for hard-copy fingerprints for Department of the Navy security or background investigations only. No service will be provided for any other reason e.g., citizenship, professional certification, etc.-Hours of service are 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Thursday. For other fingerprinting requirements, contact local police offices for availability.

Foreign National (FN) Visitors are defined as individuals who are not U.S. citizens or, regardless of citizenship, are representing a foreign government, foreign corporation, other foreign entity, or a foreign national doing business with a Department of Defense (DOD) component or contractor. This includes companies incorporated in the U.S. but under 51 percent foreign ownership, control or influence.

There are two types of foreign national access: “unofficial” and “official.” Unofficial foreign national visitors are guests of active-duty military members residing in base housing areas or who are attached to a local command and reside in off-base housing. Official foreign national visitors are those on official business who are sponsored for a specific purpose and duration by a NBVC organization or tenant activity. Both categories required prior approval to visit NBVC.

Legal permanent residents also referred to as immigrant aliens-with a lawful permanent resident card (Form 151) are not considered FN and may access unrestricted areas as any U.S. citizen approved for base access.

Active-duty members must complete a NBVC Foreign National Badge Request Form when sponsoring unofficial foreign national visitors. This form can be found at the NBVC website at These requests must be approved prior your visitor’s arrival and require a minimum of 48 hours notice. At heightened security conditions, foreign national visitors’ access to NBVC may be limited or denied altogether.

Official foreign national visitors include FN personnel in the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP), foreign military students and other foreign national exchange programs. Official FN visitors should initiate a visit request through their embassies via the Navy International Program Office (IPO) in Washington, D.C. Requests should be made a minimum of 30 days prior to expected day of arrival. Local and tenant security offices can assist with the process. Any questions regarding NBVC’s foreign visitor policy can be addressed by the SMO at 805-989-8876 or 805-989-0349. Email inquiries can be sent to

Staff Judge Advocate

The Command Staff Judge Advocate provides legal support to the NBVC commanding officer and to NBVC as a whole. In an additional capacity the Assistant Command Judge Advocate is assigned to provide similar support to all of the tenant commands located on board NBVC.

This support covers a broad range of legal matters. The Command Judge Advocate and staff are responsible for such matters as: government ethics, claims against the government, requests for government information, civil services of process, civilian personnel law issues, military criminal law, military administrative law and U.S. District Court prosecution. For more information, call 805-989-7309 or 805-982-4535.

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