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Base Instructions (for the community)

nas lemoore policies & Instructions

1730.1H: Religious Programs
10570.1W: Animal Possession, Licensing and Control
8381.1D: Regulations Governing Privately owned Weapons Onboard NAS Lemoore
1710.1: Policies Governing the San Joaquin Valley Rod and Gun Club
1700.3F: Control of Alcoholic Beverages
1710.13J: Hunting Aboard NAS Lemoore
1710.16E: Policies Governing the Mechem Park Equestrian Center Stables, NAS Lemoore
1710.4: Policies Governing the Lemoore Off-Highway Vehicle Club
5370.3: Policies for Minors
5500.6D: Policy and Procedures for Handling Juvenile Dependents of Service Personnel Involved in Vandalism or Other Acts Contrary to Good Order and Discipline
5530.10A: Personal Firearms Storage and Accountability Onboard NAS Lemoore
5560.8H: NAS Lemoore Vehicle Regulations
5560.8J: Station Vehicle Code and Vehicle Access Control Policy
5560.9D: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

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