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Emergency Instructions

In the event of an emergency at the installation, NAWS China Lake expects all personnel, families, contractors, and others affiliated with the installation to be prepared to take the appropriate action: evacuate, move to a civilian shelter, move to a designated safe haven, or temporarily shelter in place. Please follow all instructions provided to you by the AtHoc Emergency Notification System.

During or following an emergency, the Navy must be informed of your status and needs. The Navy requires you to muster or report your whereabouts with your command to ensure all members of the Navy Family are accounted for.  Following a natural disaster, terrorist attack or mandatory evacuation, proceed to a safe location and complete muster reporting procedures.

Muster in the following sequence until acknowledgement is made:

  1. Your direct supervisor by telephone or in person.
  2. Muster phone: (760) 939-5093/4467
  3. Quarterdeck: (760) 939-2303/2646
  4. Command Duty Officer: (760) 608-7004
  5. Navy Region Southwest: (619) 524-1198/1197
  6. Navy Personnel Command:  (877) 414-5358    TDD:  (866) 297-1971
  7. NFAAS Accountability and Assessment

If necessary, repeat steps until contact is made.

Communication Channels
In addition to AtHoc notifications, multiple communication channels are employed by the NAWS Public Affairs Office to provide timely emergency information and additional notifications to personnel and the surrounding communities.

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