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Winter Holiday Safety



If you are traveling out of town in the next couple weeks, check your plan with TRiPS (Travel Risk Planning System - 

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the drive (check tires, fluid levels, brakes, wipers, etc), make sure you are too: plan to drive during daylight hours, start out well-rested, schedule breaks every two hours.

Don't forget to ensure all occupants are bucked up and be especially aware of pedestrians who may have had too much eggnog!


Below are two links for a powerful message to reinforce the devastating effects of drinking and driving, be sure to provide to your personnel at your briefs before they go on their Holiday leave.

1) TAC video -  (had some issue getting the video playing, so see Option 2)

2) Same video at another link -


A lit candle can cause a fire in the blink of an eye. Never leave burning candles unattended even for a short time. Extinguish all candles before going to sleep or leaving the room. Before leaving your home, double check to make sure that all candles are extinguished.

Always keep burning candles up high, out of the reach of children and pets. If you have children living in or visiting your home, store candles, matches and lighters out of their sight and reach (preferably locked away).

Consider using flameless candles (with a battery-powered "flame" light).

Live trees:  make sure to water regularly and do not place close to heat producing devices (fireplace, candles, heaters, vents)


Replace lights or cords that are fraying or damaged.

Check for red or green Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) marks on all light strings and extension cords. The green holographic UL Mark means the light strings should be used only indoors. The red holographic UL Mark indicates the light strings can be used both inside and out -- and can withstand    conditions related to outdoor use.

Follow manufacturer's guidelines for stringing light sets together, do not overload extension cords or electrical receptacles, do not run electrical cords under rugs.

Unplug all holiday lights when you go to sleep or leave home.

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