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Public Works Officer:   CDR Kristin Whitehouse (619) 556-1332 
Deputy Public Works Officer:   Mr. James Mugg  (619) 556-1319 
Wet-side Assistant Public Works Officer: LT Alex Liu (619) 556-0180
Dry-side Assistant Public Works Officer: LTJG Cassidhe Griffiths (619) 917-8396
NMCSD Assistant Public Works Officer: LTJG Bo Flannigan (619) 532-6161

Trouble Desk

  • Emergency Service
    (619) 556-1309
  • After Hours (1600)
    (619) 556-7341 

Production Division
The Production Division provides facilities maintenance to include emergency, urgent, routine, recurring, and project.

Maintenance Product Line Manager:  
              Charles Dibble Jr. (619) 556-8881/(619) 708-1779

Public Works Department (PWD)
Our goal is to provide the best facilities services in support of the fleet.  PWD NBSD provides the following services:

  • Emergency and service calls
  • Maintenance and repair projects
  • Recurring preventive maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM)
  • Facilities Support Contracts
  • Facilities planning
  • Project development
  • Demolition
  • New construction
  • Utilities

Facilities Management Division (FMD)
FMD consists of two branches:  Requirements Branch and Asset Management.  FMD is the point of entry for all Facilities related work.
Division Director:

Asset Management
Responsible for planning and project development, real property management, GIS, Master Planning, Space Management, Encroachment Management, Real Estate, site approvals, and space requirements.
Lead Planner: 

Requirements Branch
Provides timely and cost effective maintenance, repair, alteration and construction of DOD facilities, infrastructure, systems, and equipment.

Work Types & Response Times

  • Emergency – Response within one hour, completion within 24 hours
  • Urgent – Completion within 5 working days
  • Routine – Completion within 30 calendar days
  • Project – Complete on budget and schedule
  • Recurring/PM – Complete as required by manufacturer 

Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division (FEAD)
FEAD consists of four branches:  Construction Management & Engineering, Acquisition, Maintenance Engineering Team (MET), and Facilities Support Contracts (FSC) which provide construction, janitorial, grounds services, and government estimates.

Project Management and Engineering Branch (PMEB)
Responsible for the pre/post-award management and   administration of MILCON contracts, special projects, and IDIQ contracts. Project package development, RFP preparation support, engineering consultations, support, design, technical competency, schedule & cost control, maintenance engineering, safety, and quality assurance.

Prepares and awards contract actions.  Interface between the Government and contractor for negotiations, technical, and contractual requirements/verifications.
Supervisory Contract Specialist:  


Facilities Support Contracts (FSC)        
Responsible for the administration of all facility and grounds service contracts including planning, verifying, modifying, and scheduling all required actions.  Provides quality assurance monitoring for grounds maintenance, janitorial/custodial service, and refuse collection.

Facilities Support Contract Manager:


Performance Assessment Representative:


Environmental Division (EV)
Provides technical consultation and regulatory coordination to ensure NBSD maintains compliance with applicable US and state of California environmental laws and regulations.

Program Management

At a minimum, those conducting contract work for NAVFAC will be expected to adhere to OSHA regulations, 5100.23G Navy standard and or the US Army Corps of Engineers EM385-1-1 manual. “KNOW SAFETY-NO MISHAPS”
Safety Manager: 


Financial Management
Provides comprehensive financial analysis and advise for all PWD Business lines.  Provides management support to General fund and NWCF program.  Serviced customer Accounts, providing a wide range of financial data and over-sight to customer accounts, billing, projects and contracts.
Facility Manager: 


Utilities and Energy
Provides reliable and cost effective utilities including: electricity, gas, water, wastewater and steam; recommends energy efficiency projects; energy management services; and support services such as budgeting, metering, billing and allocation services.




Provides guidance on matters pertaining to government vehicle administration, operations, and maintenance.
Automotive Transportation Specialist:


Waste Minimization/Recycling
SSWP Regional Operations Manager: 


Self-Help Division


Navy Region Southwest Port Operations


Foreign Ship Liaison Officer


Building Monitor Training/Indoc
The Building Monitor Training and Indoctrination will be conducted quarterly.  Naval message will be released in advanced to provide dates and location.

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