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Security Department

Naval Base San Diego Security

3235 Buchanan St, Bldg 151, San Diego, CA 92136

Mission: The Naval Base San Diego (NBSD) Security Department is tasked with the responsibility of providing physical security for all property and material within the jurisdiction of the Commanding Officer, NBSD, enforcing regulations/directives and providing assistance during periods of disaster. In the performance of this undertaking, security personnel shall set the example of sobriety, neatness, courtesy, and shall display impeccable attention to duty.

Phone Numbers (You must dial 1-619 when calling certain numbers in San Diego. If you get an error message dialing the 7 digit number, redial with the prefix such as 1-619-556-xxxx)  

Base Access Coordinator: 556-6460 

Deputy Chief of Police: 556-6662 

Operations Chief: 556-4674

Departmental LCPO: 556-4674 

Dispatch: 524-6999 

Anti-Terrorism Tactical Watch Officer: 556-5555 

Watch Commander: 572-2140

Anti-Terrorism Officer: 556-6071 

ADMIN: 556-6061 

Suspense & Agent Ltrs: 556-6061 

Range: 556-1835 

Armory: 556-1834 

Base Directory: 556-1011

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Commander, Navy Region Southwest   |   750 Pacific Highway   |   San Diego, CA 92132
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