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Ammunition Pier Replacement Project

In December 2019 construction began on a Navy project to build a replacement ammunition pier, associated waterfront facilities, causeway and public boating channel inside Anaheim Bay. The project is scheduled to take at least five years to complete. See below for project updates, timelines, and additional information.

Anaheim Bay Navigation Changes

A new civilian boating channel through the Anaheim Bay opened to the public on January, 21, 2021.  With the new channel opened, the old channel has become part of the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach restricted area and is now blocked off. 

Update - January 6, 2023 - Concrete pouring for the new ammunition pier deck has been completed.  Work is currently focusing on the pier deck, adding rock armoring to the end of the west mole (past Barney's Beach House) and creation of a small inner breakwater at the south end of the new pier. Additional pile driving will be required to emplace the pier's fender piles, and this work is scheduled to start in early February.  Please see the below video for the latest changes to the harbor area.

Artist's rendering of completed ammunition pier project.

Project Schedule (Subject to Change)

Task Schedule Status
  Mobilize   December 2019   Complete
  Rock Removal   December 2019 - Summer 2020   Complete
  Causeway Creation   Winter 2020 - End 2023   Underway
  North Mole Partial Removal    Spring 2020 - Fall 2020   Complete
  New Civilian Boat Channel   Spring 2020 - Winter 2021   Complete
  Inner Harbor Dredging   Spring 2020 - Fall 2021   Complete
  New Truck Turnaround Construction   Spring 2021 - Fall 2023   Underway
  New Pier Construction   Fall 2021 - End 2024   Underway
  New Inner Breakwater Construction   Winter 2022 - Spring 2023   Underway

Project Progress Map

Below is a aerial video of project construction to date.  It will be updated quarterly.  All images are simulated and meant to show general progress only.  Areas for equipment laydown, temporary storage of rock or earth and dune creation are not shown.  The last slide depicts an aerial view of the project upon completion.  Scenes from this video are not intended to be used for navigational purposes.


Background and Environmental Documentation

For more information on the project's background and environmental documentation please visit


For any additional information or questions please contact the base Public Affairs Office at   

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