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Check-In / Processing

Security Department
The N.A.S. Fallon Security Department provides the base with emergency assistance in a wide variety of ways.


The department provides emergency response to base occupants as well as assistance to local law enforcement agencies.

In addition to the Patrol Division, there are many behind the scene jobs at Security that keep the base operations running smoothly. Some of these are: military working dogs, investigations, pass and decal, training, and crime prevention. There are also positions in the armory, operations, dispatch, administration, and logistics divisions as well.

Base Vehicle Registration
It is mandatory that vehicles be registered on base within 45 days of arrival. Vehicle registration is available in the Pass and Decal Office located just inside the base housing gate. A valid vehicle registration, driver's license, military ID card and proof of insurance are required to register vehicles. VEHICLES MUST BE PRESENT AT THE PASS AND DECAL OFFICE TO RECEIVE DECALS. Personnel operating a POV that is not registered in their name, must obtain a notarized letter of permission from the owner stating they have authorization to operate the vehicle before a temporary pass will be assigned from the Pass and Decal office.

Nevada Vehicle Registration For Military
For military members reporting to NAS Fallon who are planning on registering an out of state vehicle in Nevada, the following documents are required: Most recent registration, Nevada proof of insurance card in the exact name(s) that will be on the registration, Nevada VIN inspection certificate (Obtained at the Pass and Decal office. Vehicle must be present to receive the Nevada VIN inspection certificate), Certificate of Title (if ownership is changing; if not changing ownership, the owner has the option of retaining the out-of-state title), Nevada DMV Military non-resident form (Obtained from PSD) and a copy of your most current LES. Names on the title, registration, and insurance will all need to agree, as will the vehicle identification numbers. Contact a DMV office with your concerns. See General Information on page 11.

Fee Waiver Liability Insurance Information
Nevada law requires you to have at least $15,000/$30,000/$10,000 in
liability insurance. Nevada has mandatory liability responsibility laws that are met through Nevada licensed insurance agents. All registered vehicles are required to have the minimum liability coverage. Should the coverage lapse while registration is still current, significant fees will be charged before the registration will be reinstated. Call 1-800-344-0483 for more information.

There are no emission control regulations in Churchill County.

Motorcycle and Mopeds

  • Personal Protection Requirements
  • Motorcyclists are required to wear (on and off base):
  • DOT approved helmets
  • Eye protection
  • Long-sleeved shirt/jacket
  • Long-legged trousers
  • Full-fingered gloves/mittens
  • Sturdy, over the ankle, footwearBrightly colored upper garment during daylight, reflective upper garment during nighttime.

Mopeds and “street legal” modified mini-motorcycles are not allowed on sidewalks or in BEQ/BOQ areas except for the parking lots. To be “street legal”, mini-motorcycles or “pocket rockets” must meet the same equipment requirements as Motorcycles as defined in the Nevada Revised Statutes (mirrors, head light, tail lamps, etc.). While on NAS Fallon property, including off-base housing, they must also have an orange flag attached to the rear of the vehicle that extends to a height of 6 ft above ground level.

Mopeds, Mini-motorcycles or motor scooters (49 cc’s or below) do not need to be registered in the state of NV. Mini-motorcycles that are not “street legal”, off-road vehicles (dirt-bikes, ATVs, etc.), IPODS or other motorized devices are NOT allowed to be operated on the streets, sidewalks, cul-de-sacs or any other NAS Fallon property.

Motorcycle Registration Requirements
Must complete COMNAVSAFECEN approved Motorcycle Safety Training course and have it entered on Page 13 of their service record.

Must present a motorcycle safety course completion card to Pass & Decal, have a valid drivers license with state motorcycle endorsement, up to date proof of insurance and valid state vehicle registration.

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